• Balaji Atluri

    Balaji Atluri

  • Quentin Genaille

    Quentin Genaille

  • Anders Ohrn

    Anders Ohrn

    Quantitative if possible, towards first principles, pragmatic always. Innovation, biology, computation & complexity.

  • Shobhit


    IT professional

  • Zen Chan

    Zen Chan

    Interested in Infosec & Biohacking. Security Architect by profession. Love reading and running. Top Writer in Privacy. Editor of Technology Hits.

  • Ray Lin

    Ray Lin

  • Yi Chang

    Yi Chang

    I think, care and write about a bit of everything.

  • Tiat-hông


    踮台北 ê 高雄囡仔。台語/英語/華語使用者。上愛 ê 台灣歌手是伍佰。

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